The Humanist Association of Tulsa

If you can't accept answers to lifes big questions based on faith alone, you might be one of us!

The Humanist Association of Tulsa aspires to serve as a social network for those who stand up for reason and kindness toward their fellow man. Please read our statement of principles: HERE. (They are wonderful principles.) Purposes for our existence include (1) to provide an opportunity for humanists in the Tulsa area to get together to enjoy fellowship with one another. (2) to learn together from shared educational experiences, and (3) to acquaint others with freethought and the humanist philosophy. We have several Humanist activities every month. Members attend those activities in which they have an interest. We realize that everyone has real life obligations. There is never required attendance. (For those who would like to actively push back against bigoted religious nonsense, many of our members are also active in the Freedom From Religion Foundation.)



If you think that god belief is valid, please click here and consider these issues.








Indeed, we know enough at this moment to say that the God of Abraham is not only unworthy of the immensity of creation; he is unworthy even of man. Sam Harris: End of Faith





Suggestions for festival dates below?

Darwin Day (February 12)
Earth Day (April 22)
National Day of Reason (May 6)
Banned Books Week (September 25-October 2)
National Secular Service Day (October 18)
Winter Solstice/HumanLight (around December 21)






* Click Here for 2012 Calendar of Activities *



Saturday, June 2, 2012 - 7:00 PM
Freethought Movie night at the Bradley's cancelled for June: HAT has scheduled a free showing of Koch Brothers Exposed on Saturday, June 2, 7:00 pm at the Church of the Restoration.  Reserve the date now.

Koch Brothers Exposed (2012) NR

From environmental pollution to their efforts to dismantle social security for working Americans, the Koch Brothers have launched a large network, attacking American values. This revealing film investigates the 1% in America at its very worst.

Questions? Call Randy (622-6975) or Dan (798-3629)








HAT is a Chartered Chapter of the American Humanist Association and a Cooperating Local Group with the Council for Secular Humanism.

*Web Pages by Randy Bradley. Please send email to me with any material that you would like to see posted. I am grateful to all of you who stand up for Kindness and Reason. (Please see humanist principles above.)

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